Welcome to the Dark Side

January 28, 2019

Go ahead. Click on the Dark mode button and Welcome to the Dark Side.

Unsplash Darth Vader

As a developer I love Dark Mode. Working late nights, dark mode comes in handy beacuse it does not strain the eyes. Yet, Dark Mode is not just for developers, it’s a common trend right now. Apple released a dark interface option with MacOS Mojave and more and more apps and websites are following the trend to support dark mode. The current dark mode trend has another reason besides reducing eyestrain. It might actually help you save battery life. OLED screens which are in many of today’s smartphones, inlcuding the latest iPhones, are capable of completely turning off their pixels when displaying true black and thus use less battery. This means more battery time to read Mike’s Blog!

And let’s be honest: dark user interfaces look cool and make you feel like a hacker.

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Mike Koene

Written by Mike Koene who lives and works in Amsterdam building things. Follow me on Twitter